August 7, 2021

Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and other cloud gaming companies are making a push for a broader audience, hoping to attract more gamers to their services.

But the hardware giants are also looking to add more features to their gaming platforms, and the latest devices have a few new perks.

Google announced the Chromecast on Wednesday, the first gaming headset to come with a built-in projector.

The company is also announcing a new Chromecast Pro and a new Xbox One S. The Chromecast also supports games and apps from the cloud.

The Xbox One will be the first console to include a built in game controller.

Microsoft is announcing an updated version of its Xbox One, the new Xbox Elite, that will be available in March.

The new Xbox also supports cloud gaming, and it comes with a Kinect sensor.

The PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita have both updated their consoles to support games from the service.

Amazon has announced the Amazon Echo, a speaker that plays music, podcasts, and more, and is available for $299.

Amazon is also working on a gaming headset called the Echo Wand.

Amazon’s newest game console, the Echo Show, will be released in May, but it’s unclear when.

Microsoft, Amazon and Google are also bringing new games to their respective platforms.

Google announced Gears of War 4, a first-person shooter, and Amazon announced the Fire TV Stick, a streaming stick with an Alexa-enabled remote.

Apple is also launching the Siri Remote.

The Google Pixelbook, a laptop that’s powered by an Intel Atom processor, is also making its debut in March, and Apple is releasing the iPhone XS and XS Max.

Amazon, Microsoft and Google’s latest gaming headsets have a number of notable differences from each other.

Microsoft has added a builtin microphone, while Google is bringing a built, 3D hologram headset that is able to show images and interact with other users.

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