September 9, 2021

CloudX has gone live on the platform of their parent company HyperX.

The company announced the move today in a blog post that also featured a video of CloudX’s founders discussing the platform’s new features.

“CloudX has launched its own online store and now offers a virtual shop in addition to its retail store,” the post reads.

“In addition to our store, we also offer a virtual store that allows you to browse and purchase the software on demand.”

CloudX is launching a store to sell their hardware.

The company has also launched a new platform to sell cloud storage and cloud computing software.

The company also unveiled a brand new product that will be available in the coming weeks.

The CloudX Cloud Box is a cloud-based storage solution that will allow users to host, manage and store their data, and then store it on CloudX cloud servers.

“The CloudX Box is the world’s first cloud storage platform,” CloudX said.

“The CloudBox is a completely open platform, allowing anyone to install and run their own servers and data centers, without needing to be a company.

We’re excited to bring this new service to our customers and customers around the world.”

Cloud X will also be offering a subscription service for cloud computing, which will allow customers to purchase storage services, cloud services, and cloud storage products.

CloudX also plans to provide a dedicated cloud-to-cloud messaging solution.

The announcement follows recent reports of Cloud X being acquired by HyperX, which has since closed the deal.

The move comes as Amazon is considering a sale of Cloud and will likely look to acquire more of Cloud’s customers, a move that could put CloudX in the same category as some of the largest and most popular cloud storage providers.

The Cloud and CloudBox cloud storage solutions will be a part of Amazon’s AWS cloud platform.

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