September 11, 2021

Google’s cloud team is preparing for the cloud’s big day.

CloudX, a startup that helps enterprises manage their data and data centers with an app, said it had raised $1.4 billion in a Series B round led by Andreessen Horowitz and led by former Microsoft and Google executive Steve Jurvetson.

The company says its data center software helps enterprises to save money and increase the speed of data processing, while also improving the reliability and resilience of their data centers.

Cloudx says its software can process data at a rate of up to 30 times faster than traditional centralized storage solutions.

It says cloud computing is on the rise and the company’s data centers will have “more than a trillion transactions in less than a decade.”

The company is also developing a cloud service that lets enterprises and IT departments connect cloud computing devices together.

CloudX said in a blog post it is targeting cloud computing to help businesses, which can use cloud computing tools to streamline and automate data processing.

Clouds data centers are increasingly critical to businesses’ ability to manage their own data and access cloud-based services.

In recent years, cloud computing has become more popular because of the ease with which it can automate processes, such as backing up files, and automate the collection of customer data, which is critical for businesses to track their customer’s behavior and improve customer service.

Cloud-based applications, including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, are also used to run services like social media, payment processing and more.

Cloud-based solutions, such the Microsoft Azure Cloud Service, are used by large companies like Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook.

Microsoft’s Azure cloud services also are increasingly used by Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, Google and Salesforce.

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