September 24, 2021

How to store your credit cards on Amazon, PayPal, Paypal, and other payment services, and how to use the Amazon Gift Card for free?

I use Amazon Gift Cards to buy a new pair of shoes, to pay for a trip to a restaurant for the first time, or to buy groceries for my family.

I am not a frequent shopper, and my goal is to keep as much of my spending as possible on Amazon Gift cards.

In order to do this, I have to remember how much money I spend on Amazon and PayPal, and I have some other tricks I use to save.


Use Amazon’s Amazon Payment Card to make payments on, and other Amazon merchants.

AmazonPay is Amazon’s digital payment processor, and it works with Amazon Gift card payments.

You can set up AmazonPay to work with Amazon and use the PayPal app, or you can use your Amazon Pay balance to pay using Amazon Gift.

For instance, if I pay with Amazon, I can add $15.00 to my Amazon Pay Balance for my next trip to Amazon, and $1.00 more for my grocery shopping.

Amazon Payments will then credit my Amazon Gift, and the card will be charged to my PayPal account.

I find it much easier to use PayPal as my payment method than Amazon.


Once you have set up your Amazon Payments account, you can make payments using Amazon Payments to Amazon merchants at any time.

Payment Cards that have been used for purchases are marked as approved by Amazon Payments.

If you don’t want to use a payment card that has been approved, you may have to contact Amazon Payments and ask them to change your payment.


Pay with PayPal to make purchases at WalMart stores.

Walmart has been around for more than 20 years, and WalMart gift cards are the most popular of the Amazon gift cards.

WalMart Gift Cards are issued by Amazon and are valid for a period of one year from the date of purchase.

At checkout, you will be prompted to verify your card, enter your address, and click the “accept” button.

When you make a purchase, Amazon will add $10 to your PayPal account and send you a PayPal gift card.


Make payments using PayPal on Amazon Payments with Amazon Payments Balance.

As an Amazon Payments user, you are able to make the same payments with Amazon payments balance.

If you have used Amazon Payments for your purchases, you have Amazon Payments balance on your account.

You can use the balance from your PayPal balance to make Amazon Gift payments to Amazon.

You can add up to $1,000 of Amazon Gift Payments Balance to your Amazon Gift account.

This is not necessary for all transactions, but it is a great way to save some money when making Amazon Gift purchases.


Add your Amazon Card to your shopping cart.

Click the Amazon Card button, and enter your Amazon account information.

You will see a list of Amazon cardholders.

Enter your name, your email address, your Amazon gift card number, and your Amazon Payment information.

PayPal accounts have a gift card expiration date.

If the gift card has not expired, you should see a receipt.


Choose your gift card(s).

Amazon Gift Cards that are redeemable through PayPal are valid to pay with your PayPal Balance on your PayPal Card, and are eligible for the Amazon Pay gift card program.

Payment cards that are not redeemable with PayPal can only be used for Amazon Gift orders.

Amazon Gift cards cannot be used on Amazon Pay transactions.


Use the Amazon Cards to make PayPal purchases.

The Amazon Cards are a great place to store Amazon Gift transactions and also to pay your Amazon PayPal Balance for Amazon.

Here are a few examples of Amazon Card payments I make on Amazon to PayPal:PayPal account – $1Walmart gift card – $15Amazon Card – $10PayPal Card – 1Walmart Gift Card – 10Amazon Gift Card – 1Amazon Gift card – 5Amazon Gift Gift Card and Amazon Gift Credit – 5PayPal card – 1PayPal Gift Card + $10Amazon Gift Credit – 10PayPal gift card and Amazon gift credit – $30Amazon Gift credit – $25Amazon Giftcard – $5PayPal credit – 2Amazon GiftCredit – $50Amazon GiftCard and Amazon Credit – $25PayPal Credit – 3Amazon GiftCharge – $35Amazon Gift and Amazon Card – 2PayPal and Amazon credit – 1Amazon giftcard and Amazon charge – $75Amazon Gift Charge – $150Amazon GiftCurrency Conversion – 2(This example is a one-time charge of $50)PayPal charge – 1(This one-off charge is the amount of Amazon gift money I’m using for Amazon purchases.)

PayPal Charge – 1($25 in the above example)Paypal Charge

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