June 29, 2021

With Xbox HyperX controllers in short supply, the CloudX HyperX Jacket is a solution that can be used as a replacement.

CloudX is a leading UK gaming accessory company and it’s offering a cloud-based gaming controller that’s compatible with both XBOX 360 controllers and PlayStation 4 controllers.

In fact, it can even connect with an Xbox controller.

The HyperX jacket can be attached to a PS4 controller to create a console controller-compatible gaming controller.

The PlayStation 4 controller has two buttons, one on the top-left and one on top-right of the controller.

It has a button that activates the game and another that deactivates the game.

The PS4 button is used to launch the game menu, which is used as an input device when controlling the game using the PS4 remote.

The Xbox controller has one button, the Xbox button, which triggers the controller to fire the game with the two analogue sticks.

The controller itself has four analogue sticks, which are used to control the buttons of the PS3 controller, and a control pad that is used for the buttons.

Cloud X claims that the PlayStation 4 is the most common controller used by the average gamer, but I can’t confirm this.

The PS4 controls can be activated by simply holding the button down and releasing it again, while the Xbox controls can only be activated using the directional pad on the controller itself.

Cloud’s CloudX jacket comes with a USB connection, so you can connect it to your PC and start playing games, or use it as a controller.

CloudX’s new HyperX gaming controller will be available in April, priced at £149.99.

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