July 11, 2021

In its latest update, HyperX said it is introducing hyperX CloudX as a premium tier for its cloudX drivers.

The feature allows users to choose the cloudX driver that best fits their specific needs, and to choose cloudX packages with different pricing models, like the one below.

As you might expect, the premium tier includes HyperX CloudDrive, Hyperx CloudX Cloud Platform, and Hyperx HyperX Virtualization Suite.

HyperX Cloud Drive provides a virtual machine virtualization solution that allows users the flexibility of managing multiple virtual machines on the same hypervisor, but the cloud platform itself requires additional hardware.

The hyperX hypervisor provides support for Hyper-V, Hyper-Snap, HyperSnap, and VMware.

It also provides support to Hyper-Dynamics for HyperV, VirtualBox, and VirtualBox Embedded.

HyperX’s Hyper-Drive technology is aimed at providing more flexibility in the storage, networking, and compute space.

In addition to virtualization, the platform provides a range of security services like secure network access, VPN, and firewall.

Hyperx CloudDrive has been in beta since last year, and it has not received any major updates.

But the platform is now available to pre-order on the official HyperX website for $199, or as a pre-pay option for $229.

The company said that the feature will be available from November, and that pre-orders will be open for the next month.

Read more about cloudX at The Times Of India

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