July 15, 2021

This article is the first of a three-part series on using Visual Cloud to build an interactive web and mobile app.

If you’re looking for a quick refresher, check out the first part.

In this part, we’ll learn how to use Visual Cloud with HTML5 and CSS3.

We’ll also cover the differences between the visual and the non-visual cloudx technologies, the benefits of using a non-WebKit browser for the Web app and the importance of using CSS3 to control the app.

Let’s get started!

We’ll start by looking at how Visual Cloud is designed.

Visual Cloud requires a JavaScript web page and JavaScript to run on the web.

We also need to include an HTML5 video element, which includes a button that lets you toggle between different web pages.

This video element is called a video tag, and it contains the following code: The video element will be included in the tag, but we won’t get to it until we move on to the next part of this tutorial.

We can add some HTML5 styling to the video element to help create a more interactive app.

In Visual Cloud, there’s an option to hide the video tag element from the HTML5 , so that it won’t be visible when the app is launched.

To do this, right-click the video attribute in your WebView.

In the context menu, click Options, and then add a new item.

In our case, the item that we added is called the element.

To add a video element with HTML, click the

The element should look something like this:

Hello, world!

When the element is created, we need to provide it with a name that we can then use to display it.

To name the element, we can use the attribute name of the element in JavaScript.

This name is called id.

The value of the id attribute will be set to the id of the video, and you’ll see that in your browser.

Let us use this id to display a video.

This will create a video object that looks like this when the user clicks the button.

Now, let’s add some CSS to this video element.

We won’t have to worry about the id property in the video.

We will use the CSS class of the We will add a link in the same element to a Web page that displays a video: Hello Internet!

This link will display the video at the top of the screen, so that the user can quickly scroll to the bottom of the page and see the video itself.

This link should also work in all other WebKit browsers that support video elements.

If we want to create an animated video, we will need to use CSS3 animations.


To use this method, we must provide a callback function in our HTML5 code.

This function is called on the video that is being animated, so we can also specify a timeout in our

To display an animated clip in WebView, we set the value of video.animate(0) to true, so the animation will continue indefinitely.

Let me give you a quick example of what an animated YouTube video looks like.

// Add an animation object to the object var video = document.createElement(‘video’); video.setAttribute(‘video’, ‘video’); Now, if we click on the button at the bottom right, the video

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