July 15, 2021

The latest version of Google’s cloud-based file-hosting and storage service is out today, with a new update that allows users to edit photos, videos, and more from within the service.

Google has long used the cloud to store its user data, including photos and videos, but the cloud has become more and more important in recent years as cloud computing becomes more and better supported by developers.

Google Drive was first launched in January 2017, and it was designed to provide a way for users to manage their personal files and photos.

The company is currently working on adding cloud storage capabilities to its other cloud services, such as Google Calendar and Gmail.

However, the new version of the app also adds an important new feature, which lets users edit photos and video in Google Drive directly from the web browser.

Cloud File Manager lets users open files in a new tab, and then edit and share them with others using a new feature called Cloud File Management.

In addition, the app allows users with a Google Account to create and share Google Drive Cloud Drive account credentials that can be used to access files stored in Google Cloud Drive.

Google has also made it easier to share files in other cloud service accounts, by letting users choose the file type they want to share and the type of file to open in a separate tab.

The new version also makes it easier for users with Google Accounts to sync files between Google Drive and other services, by adding a sync feature that will automatically sync the files from Google Drive to other services.

This new version will also be rolled out to all users on December 18, the day the new Google Drive API is released to developers.

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